Stop worrying about your platform and start building one…

To get started, schedule a 30-minute phone interview — this is where you tell us about your book and background. Tell us everything. Where you live, what you do in your spare time, what you did before you became a writer, what kind of home you live in, hobbies, credentials, what’s your day job, pets, kids… the more unusual the better!

If we establish that we can help you build a platform we engage in a working relationship for a minimum of three months doing the following:

  • FACEBOOK Build and populate a Facebook page
  • TWITTER Create and design a Twitter page
  • WEBSITE Create, design and build a website if necessary* (priced separately)
  • RESEARCH Research articles that relate to your work so you can comment and share relevant information
  • TWEET Help you write tweets that we send out for you
  • TWEET OUT Build your twitter following by engaging the “right” followers using hashtags that can further your twitter platform
  • PUBLICITY PLACEMENT Secure online opportunities for you where you are asked to write a post or an article to add to your credentials and following
  • BOOKTRIB.COM To help you build a readership we create a dashboard for you on our book lover’s community. You are invited to post a series of articles, with images, throughout our three month relationship. Your blog and website will be synced to your profile for additional traffic.
  • REPORTING We send reports to you on a weekly basis and we schedule six phone meetings with you throughout the process.